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Yayo Sanchez - vox, guitar, piano

Aaron Altounian - guitar

Gavin “T-Rex” Zapata - drums 

James Pagliuco - bass 




It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock-n-roll, so it helps to get an early start. Just ask Yayo Sanchez.


 At an age when most of his peers were cruising the malls or fondling their X-Boxes, the rising Austin musician had already jammed with the likes of Slash and Paul Stanley(List goes on), and opened for Quiet Riot and L.A. Guns in clubs he was too young to enter.


 In 2008, Yayo released a collection of demos featuring one-time KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick on bass and Brent Fitz (who now plays for Slash) on the drums. He also went on his first full U.S tour; earned kudos from Carlos Santana; and juggled endorsement deals and management offers as they came rolling in. So much for wasted youth.



In 2009, Yayo teamed up with legendary Rock Photographer, Robert M Knight.  Robert has helped Yayo pave the way up rock n roll mountain. "Robert is a brother to me." says Sanchez, " He believes in what I do and is always there to help push me in the right direction."  Yayo feels fortunate to have mentors such as Robert Knight and others to guide him in his budding career.

 Today at age 18, Yayo Sanchez is already an accomplished musician, studio geek and blossoming businessman. Despite a collection of milestones that most rockers could happily take to the grave, Sanchez is still eagerly climbing toward his creative peak and expanding his horizons with youthful vigor and seasoned determination. The fleet fingered Frontman has now teamed up with long time friends, Gavin "T-rex" Zapata, James Pagliuco and Aaron Altounian and the result is, YAYO. The New Up- and Coming, Texas based, Axe grinding, Hair flying, die hard rock n roll band.


  Having played many packed house shows around Texas in 2011. It was time to start thinking about releasing some music as a band. So in January 2012, the boys went into the Studio with Producer Brian Virtue (30 seconds to Mars, Jane's Addiction) to record their first professional EP entitled "Who We Are". On top of that they were invited to perform an Acoustic set on the Fender Stage at the Winter NAMM 2012. Be sure to check out their EP when its available! Their songs are full of monster Anthems, you'll be hearing out of the roof of your local Arena soon enough. 


  With guitars strapped to their backs, Yayo Sanchez, James Pagliuco, Gavin "T-rex" Zapata, and Aaron Altounian are holding nothing back as they prepare to set sail into the world. Be sure to catch them live!